Never Leave Home Without It!

Have you guessed it yet? It is completely free, but essential to good health. You might still being ask yourself what it is that you should never home without. The answer I am referring to is energetic shielding!!! Anyone who has read some of my articles or has met me in person knows that I love spirituality and this topic is no exception. Indeed, this topic is vital. What is energetic shielding? We will get there, but let’s lay down some energetic framework first so I know we are all on the same page.

It is true that in spiritual truth, we are all one. In this physical plane of reality, each person has their own energy centers and an aura surrounding them though. When we have issues we are working through or could work through, those issues hang out in our aura. We often unconsciously help each other work on our spiritual issues. If we ignore the issues long enough, they move from our energetic field into the physical body. The issues manifest into the body so if we didn’t know they were there before or didn’t want to work on them… well, now they have center stage. Sure, people can ignore their health too, but at some point it behooves people to pay attention to the issues to avoid being in pain. Since some people do not know they have the power to make changes to get out of pain, I recommend the book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ to a lot of my clients because I want to give people tools for their self-care. I used that book and reiki to help myself take giant leaps forward into being my true self. Sometimes, the journey felt more like an army crawl, because I knew what I had to do, but either didn’t know how to do it or was scared of making the change, or I was doing so many changes at once that I felt like I was just getting by. I had to push through the fear and I know other people can too!

What is energetic shielding? How does it work? Why would we all be best served by doing it? Energetic shielding helps you live your life with a protective buffer around you. As soon as you awaken, you are being bombarded by the energy of the room around you, world energy, the energy of your food, energy from other people, etc. The biggest one is energy from other people. Other people mean well, but sometimes they are desperate at the energetic level, they feel like life is tough and then they see you… it looks like that person has their life together. They energetically think to themselves “I want some of the energy they have.” Ew, right? You don’t want a parasite. In fact, it is silly. Everyone can go to Source/God/the universe (whatever you want to call the creator) directly. We can ask for more energy and it will be given. Since God will violate free will, we must ask, but some people believe in the idea of scarcity. Of course, be gentle with them and on not judge them because they probably don’t even know what is going on at their energetic level. In the infinite world of energy there is always enough. You don’t have to know how the energy you prayed for is working, but have faith and know that the energy you ask for is coming or already here. A person just has to keep their eyes open for signs. If you are asking for more money, you might get a brilliant idea for a product or to start you own business. Take the leap when you feel you are being guided to do so. The reason we require shielding is that not everyone believes in abundance so they might try to siphon energy from your energetic fields. Not cool, right? None of us are blameless. In fact, we all have done it unknowingly in the past. In truth, as stated before this energetic “stealing” is completely unnecessary since everyone could just ask Source for what they want or think they need. Energetic shielding is a preventative measure to help your stay in good heath: mentally, physically, and energetically.



Whatever you use, you have to believe it works for you. I would recommend using a visualization of whatever you choose. You can change it up if you would like. I imagine my energetic shield 3-4 times per day. I like to imagine myself in an egg shaped bubble of light. The color of the light is always bright and translucent. I also like to think of myself completely surrounded in a larger sphere with constantly rotating metal bands that cut away any energetic cords and keep other ones from forming. I also use the thought, “Shields Up” because I am a Star Trek nerd and even when I am going into what might be a difficult situation, that thought brings a smile to my face. Since we are always protected and guided by our guardian angels and spirit guides, I like to visualize all of them at their battle stations ready as we go into the fray. Some people like to imagine an angel to their left, right, front, back, above the head and below their feet. Do whatever works for you. There are millions of angels so you can definitely as for more than 6. You can ask for all the angels in heaven and it is done. I only recommend that whatever you choose for your visualization, make sure you are completely surrounded by protection. Completely! Remember that energetic shielding pasts through floors and ceilings, even penetrates the ground so make sure to get under your feet and above your head. You can even just say “Archangel Michael, please clear me and shield me.” I would still recommend working on your visualizations since you can ask for help faster with the thought of an image then the time it takes to think or say a full sentence. What does your energetic shield look like? Please leave a comment below or send me a message!

Eva Borho

Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing




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