Trust your dreams and take that leap!

We all have dreams about what our ideal life would be like. The interesting thing is that everyone has a different dream. “Where do these dreams come from?” you might ask. Spirituality experts like Doreen Virtue and myself believe that these dreams are a sign from the divine to help point us in the right direction. You can manifest the life of your dreams, but it often takes faith and trust.

Sometimes, the process of living your dream doesn’t seem straight forward. In fact, just like how the media like to call something an “overnight success”, it might indeed take 10 years, but keep going. You must keep going. I would say my own process had been a combination and it is still in progress. To use hiking terms for an analogy (see literal definitions below* if interested), at times is has been an interpretive trail providing me the opportunity to walk and study unusual bits of esoteric information. While walking these interpretive trails, the right information would come to me at the right time so I would know how to understand the new information and signs I was seeing. At other times, my path would be a short recreation trail because sometimes, I overwork myself. During those time, I have to make – taking time out to have fun – become a top priority to keep myself from burning out. Sometimes, life would take me on a spur trail so I could see things from another perspective or study a new point of interest related to the path I am already traveling. Lastly, at times my path has been a single-track trail meaning I had to walk that part alone or with someone directly in front of me or behind me, but not with anyone next to me. On a single-track trail, sometimes you have to step off the path for a bit to let something or someone pass by and though it might seem inconvenient at the time – it is necessary to temporarily get off the path to still stay moving forward on the same path.

Be gentle with yourself as you move forward on your own path toward your dream, but demand greatness from yourself. When you dream with the right motivation, the path will unfold in wondrous ways that are both expected… and really unexpected. Go with the flow and give yourself written goals or deadlines. Writing things down can help with manifesting. You might be asking how does one move forward on their path? What if I don’t even know what path I am on? Spending time in meditation is a great way to quickly understand and download concepts that would take must longer to understand in regular, non-meditative time. Taking time for meditation can help you take a proverbial glass elevator up to a higher perspective so you can easily understand situations you are going through at a deeper level. Analyze the motives behind your dreams, when you motivation is pure the universe will back you, but you have to believe that it will and accept the help that comes to you.

If you require any help on your journey, I offer life coaching, reiki sessions, and teach reiki. Have you ever had any challenging time when you were on your path that you can see differently in hindsight? Leave a comment below or send me a message. If you are not sure how to get started with meditation, I recommend using the audio book, Archangels 101 from Doreen Virtue. Archangels are non-denominational and surpass any earthly religion; they will help anyone who would like their help.

Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing & Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher


*At time I felt like my path has been similar to these definitions from John McKinney, an author of 30 books about nature, hiking, and park lands.

“interpretive trail (nature trail): Short to moderate lengthtrail (usually ¼ mile to 1 ½ miles long) with the primary function of providing an opportunity to walk and study interesting or unusual plants or natural features at user’s pleasure. Interpretive signs or numbers corresponding to descriptions in a pamphlet often provide information about features found en route.

recreation trail: A trail that is designed to provide a recreational experience.

spur trail: A trail that leads from primary, secondary, or main trails to points of interest such viewpoints and campsites.

single-track trail: A trail only wide enough for one user to travel. Requires one user to yield the trail to allow another user to pass.”

Source for Hiking Definitions:

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