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Over the past year, I have listened to a lot of youtube videos from Ester Hicks channeling Abraham. If you have not heard any of their videos, they are on the topic of manifesting. Listening to that information has been helpful, but I have to disagree with two things that she said. I completely agree that gratitude is key to manifesting. That is true, but people sometimes struggle to get to a state of gratitude and stay there. If you are not able to stay in a place of gratitude, manifesting will be less consistent and less successful. I want to mention a couple points where I disagree with Esther/Abraham so I can help you be more successful with your manifesting. Please keep in mind that we are all unique so what I have experienced and know to be true, may or may not work well for you, but if you are diligent it will work for you.

The first point where I disagree, Esther channeling Abraham mentioned ignoring the past. She said something like your higher self knows your areas of resistance and works around them. I agree with the latter statement, but not with ignoring the past. What if you have so much scar tissue from past events that you are not leaving your higher self much wiggle room? If you have read anything about manifesting previously than you know outlining, telling God or the universe what you want, will slow your manifesting power. I have always been good at manifesting even when I was little and didn’t consciously understand what I was doing. I would have been more mindful of my thoughts and emotions sooner had I know their power. I believe vibrational clean up is important. Ignoring what is going on with your vibration is not going to help you move past it. You don’t have to identify with whatever is going on either. We are more than what is in our bodies.

For example, I know of a woman who very much identifies as a victim because she had a husband that cheated on her the entire time they were married. She has vowed that she will never get over it. When you stay you vow to do something, the universe is listening and taking notes. To be a manifesting master, you must accept your power. You must know that you are co-creating at all times. I would not ask this woman to beat herself up for manifesting it at the time, but I would ask her to look at the situation in hindsight and to ask herself what believes or experiences she might have had to draw that situation to herself. Instead of trying to get on the high flying disk of gratitude (and probably having difficulty staying there), I would first recommend forgiveness. Forgiveness for herself, her ex-husband and those he cheated with over their marriage. She would be best served to realize that the other person was working with you to show you what could be worked on in this life. In the law of attraction, we attract things to us and sometimes, those things require healing to move forward. What you are praying for might seem unrelated, but sometimes you have to work on something “unrelated” to move forward in the areas you are focused on. What if she was praying for her business to be better and more profitable? This relationship baggage might come up, because somewhere in her vibration she doesn’t believe that she is worthy of happiness or she is afraid that if she is happy someone will steal it? Those her business might seem unrelated to her love life, everything is connected! She would be best served by taking some time for self reflection. What is going on inside of her that she would ┬áhave chosen a partner that would betray her constantly with multiple women for more than 10 years? How could she have missed all the signs of his affairs for so long? This is not to “blame” the person who was cheated on, but to let her know that she is giving off a pattern which attracts this type of relationship, this type of pattern.

The second point I disagree with is that Esther channeling Abraham says that our words don’t matter. She said to focus on the feeling. I am an affirmation queen. The power of positive words has changed my thoughts, my feelings, and my situation. I have a Masters degree in Communication so to say that words don’t matter is just completely untrue for me. How could a person get on the high flying disk of gratitude if that person speaks of and is focused on absolute crap? If a person is constantly thinking and speaking about how terrible things are, how are they supposed to change the way they are thinking? I would say with forgiveness – knowing that others where doing the best they could at that time, but also know that we work together with others to show ourselves our patterns. With this knowledge – when the mind or the ego takes a person down the road of ‘let’s think about how terrible this person or situation is’, thoughts AND emotions can be redirected. The thoughts and the words that construct our reality define what we are willing to believe and what we are willing to let into our lives. Think of the difference between a person saying something is out of their reach and someone believing that greatness could happen in their lives. Give yourself good words, good feelings, and be gentle with yourself as you examine the unknown within yourself. Sometimes, people choose not to examine the past because of what they might dig up. I ask you to look for overarching patterns. What patterns keep coming up? What is asking to be healed and/or released?

If you are not sure, please buy a series of life coaching sessions from me. I love to help people put the magnifying glass to their vibration! I am a spiritual study nerd and quite good at applying the knowledge I have when given the opportunity. We could sit down and talk about your life. Even if you don’t know where to start, I can help you open up with some questions. Helping people is my passion. I love to see the changes that people can and do make in their lives. Even if you love your life exactly as it is, I can still help you make room for more awesomeness. Would you like less tension and more peace? I can help with that. Are you ready to live a more awesome existence? I hope so.

-Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing


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