Rosemary, my newest herbal friend!

This last week I picked up at Rosemary plant! Once I arrived at home I put the plant in a larger container because the roots were so overgrown for the container it was in when I bought it. Not too long ago, I went to an Introduction to Herbalism class and the teacher talked about some of the wonderful properties of Rosemary.

     Before going to the class, I knew spirit kept leading me to learn more about Herbalism. I had stumbled onto a website in Autumn all about Herbalism. I thought, “Wow. THIS is really interesting!” After not too long, I closed the browser saying, “like I have to learn about one more thing right now!” I kept also receiving messages simultaneously that I was spreading myself too thin and should focus. I love learning so I prayed saying, if this is important, send me an Herbalism class and make it something so obvious that I would have to say yes. What happened was my sister, Liza, sent me a direct invitation to and Introduction to Herbalism class! I knew the teacher was a wise soul from what Liza had told me about her. I taught that was an excellent answer to my prayer. I look forward to learning more about Herbalism. This was a good step in the right direction.
Rosemary is a member of the mint family “Lamiaceae” along with many other herbs, such as oregano, thyme, basil, and lavender. Plants from the mint family can be invasive so if you don’t want it everywhere in your yard, put it in a planter! Rosemary likes the sun, well drained soil, and is best when lightly misted after being established. Rosemary is often used in Italian dishes, but is also seen in French, Greek and Spanish cooking. Energetically, Rosemary has protective qualities so this is a great herb to place near your front door in the warmer seasons. Pick up an herbal friend for yourself today!


Eva  Borho

Holy Fire Reiki Master and Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing

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