Working with Sensitive Children

     I used dowsing on one of my young clients and he told me afterward that he really liked it. With a sweet grin on his face, he asked if it was something that he could do and before I could even answer, he added, “Has this achievement been unlocked for me?” Since he is a big gamer, I knew what he meant, by saying ‘has this achievement been unlocked for me’. I told him that dowsing required spiritual study and he might be able to do it some day. He was excited and I told him the next time we met that we could talk about it some more. I love helping sensitive children and I love helping them explore their gifts!
     If you would like dowsing added to your reiki session, please let me know. If you have any questions about dowsing, please comment below or send me a message.
Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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