Blissfulness and Love!

Tonight, I had a Craniosacral Therapy session and I practically walked out of there on a cloud. I felt blissful. The whole time I was receiving treatment, I was seeing violet so I know I was connecting to the divine. The session was lovely. I loved feeling blissful and that feeling made me ponder about love. I have to say that I love LOVE!

I love that I have a husband that is so good at receiving love that no matter how many times I tell him I love him, he never tells me to stop saying it. Just a couple weeks ago, he evidently counted how many times I told him I loved him while we were in the car and the number what quite high. He told me that I had said “I love you” a lot before we even left the house so he decided to count. I had to laugh out loud and then I told him I loved him ten more times just to add to the count.

I love that when I whisper something to my husband as he is drifting off to sleep such as “Sleep well” in his half awake state he replies “I love you too.” I do say it a lot, but I have told him before that a lot of times after couples have children they often have less time alone together or are more busy in general so I want to get in all the extra “I love you” in now. 🙂 May you all having loving relationships and be grateful for the relationship you have!


– Eva Borho, Holy Fire Reiki Master & Owner Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing

Photo Credit: Christina Littleton Photography

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