Keeping a Dream Journal

How often do you remember your dreams? Last Friday, my husband had a very vivid dream and the next night I had a very vivid dream! I attribute part of those recalls to the Himalayan Salt Lamp I left on most of the day in our room for two days in a row. It is not something I normally do. Anyway, I still remember my dream like it was a memory and those are the dreams when you know it was a visit or a message from spirit. In this context, I am saying ‘spirit’ as in – it could be God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or even spirit guides and guardian angels. I don’t have to know exactly who it was from, but I wrote the whole event in my dream journal. The message I took from the dream was to be true to myself.

Keeping a dream journal helps with dream recall. Our dreams are the times in which our ego is also sleeping so spirit can more easily get a message to us without interference. It’s also interesting to flip through old pages every once in a while and see past dreams. Once you are able to easily recall dreams more often than you can explore the world of lucid dreaming if you are interested in doing so. Lucid dreaming can become a powerful healing tool. Good luck & sweet dreams!

-Eva Borho, Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing and Holy Fire Reiki Master


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  1. luvnfinite says:

    this post caught my eye because I really want to learn to lucid dream, but I am also fascinated by dreams, I always wonder if I am able to interpret what I think the dream meant, or how the message will play out in my life in the future.


    1. If you are interested in Lucid dreaming, check out Charlie Morley. He is a great speaker and he had written about lucid dreaming. If you could like to listen to him for free before buying anything first, I would recommend downloading the PodcastAddict App and then downloading episodes from the Hay House World Summit Channel. Charlie Morley has a talk called How to Use Lucid Dreaming for Insight, Health, and Compassion. If you are further interested, check out his books or his online course through Hay House. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Jimi says:

    I remember most of my dreams.
    Check them out:


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