Quick Description of a Reiki Session

Every place is different, but I start by having you fill out 1 single-sided page of paperwork with the basics like your name, address, birthday, how you heard about us, etc. I ask if you have any specific intentions for the session. Afterwards, I ask you to take your shoes off and climb up onto the massage table. The client is still fully clothed and depending on the time of the year you could lay on top of the sheets or under the sheet. In the winter, I have a table warmer and a blanket for clients too. I want you to feel cozy and comfortable so you can easily relax.

Next, I affirm the intention for the client’s highest healing sometimes silently and sometimes aloud. I often start giving reiki by placing my hands gently on the crown of the client’s head and slowly move around the client’s body as I am intuitively guided. If a client is self conscious about being touched anywhere or if the area needing treatment is in a sensitive area, I channel reiki through a method called beaming. With beaming, I hover my hands above the area. Some clients see a column of bluish white light once I started channeling, some see all sorts of colors, some have visions, and some feel sensations, but all feel peacefulness.

Sometimes, clients might cry during sessions and that is definitely acceptable. You don’t even have to consciously know what you are crying about, but know that you are releasing and healing. If I receive any guidance during the session for suggestions to tell the client about self-care to do at home, I share that with them after the session has ended. The session lasts an hour and the pre-consultation and post-consultation are normally only a couple additional minutes each.

Relaxation await you at Ascension Holistic Healing!



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