The Season of Love, Gratitude, and Gifts

The true meaning of this season is having a loving and grateful heart.

Calling All Lightworkers!!!

In the quick video, Eva Borho discusses using meditation to help figure out how you can best help yourself and others. Where do your interests meet with what the world needs? For more information about Ascension Holistic Healing, reiki, and coaching from Eva, please check out!

Quick Description of a Reiki Session

I often start giving reiki by placing my hands gently on the crown of the client’s head and slowly move around the client’s body as I am intuitively guided.

The Power of Breathing!

This is an amazing video! The power of the mind and breathing to influence the immune system. This man definitely has some skill and is a beacon of light for all of us. His mission is love. Imagine the implications for people with inflammatory diseases, depression, and anxiety! // Check out the rest of the…

Small Business Saturday Winner!

Thanks for everyone who participated in the drawing and thank you to all the customers who bought this awesome deal! We appreciate being a part of your wellness care.