Testimonials from the heart!

Yesterday (11/11) was my last day at my office job, I hoped not to cry too much. When I walked my husband to the car in the morning, I asked him to pray that I wouldn’t cry at work on my last day. He gave me a knowing smile in reply saying, “you mean that you won’t cry *too much*”. My family has always expressed emotion. We cry when we are extremely happy. We cry when we are laughing so hard we can hardly breath. We cry when we are sad and in pain. We cry when we are angry enough to want to put a fist through a wall but don’t because we don’t want to damage our hand or the drywall. I actually channeled a lot of holy fire reiki for a smooth transition. I wanted a smooth transition for all my teammates that were assigned to what were my accounts and to any other accounts that had to move around for balancing the teammates’ work loads. I also wanted the transition from working in an office to a local massage therapy practice and building my own reiki practice out of my house to be smooth and successful.

On my last day my co-workers gave me plants because they know I love greenery, a card, and food! It was super sweet that even the almost all the treats they made or bought were vegan (because I am vegan and they wanted make sure I had something to eat). I thought it was funny, because I bought some non-vegan snacks such as cookies, Panera bagels, and cream cheese, in addition to fruit on the way into work, because I wanted to make sure they had enough treats to eat. We are all so considerate of each other! The card really touched my heart though. My name on the front of the card was written in such a cute way! I cut the envelope open and the front of the card had a cute kitten on it. Yep, cue the tears! I couldn’t even open it yet! They know how much I love cats and I knew they picked this card because of it. I felt so loved already and I hadn’t even read anything! I put the card back in the envelope so I could stop crying and answer a few work emails before reading the card.

When I did open the card, I was so touched by everyone’s kind words. Here are some excerpts:

“You have such a pure heart and I am so happy for you!”

“We will miss your bright rays of sunshine!”

“You have an amazing spirit and soul and your glowing positivity and laugh will be missed.”

“You are such an amazing person. 🙂 ”

“You are the Best & a majestic beast.”

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All of their words touched my heart, but those are a few excerpts! I humbly accept their words, because I know the love and light they saw from me was a gift from God. I pray to be a channel of light and love. We are all love and light. Some of us just aren’t afraid to let ourselves shine! 🙂 The last excerpt made me laugh because just the day before my friend had sent me a picture of myself meditating on my afternoon break with the comment, “I saw this majestic beast”.


The choice to leave my office job was not an easy one. I knew it is the right thing to do from the bottom of my heart, but taking the leap was a bit scary. I love my co-workers and I was good at my job. When I had time, I was undoubtedly talking to my co-workers about what I was reading in spirituality books even if it was just for a minute or two and having deep philosophical talks when time allowed. I love talking about spirituality and I love helping people make changes in a way that will help them live in alignment with their soul’s purpose and mission. That is why I knew I had to take the leap. Since I know this change in my life was divinely inspired, I know I will land on my feet. When one of my co-workers left for the day, she gave me a hug and said “Whatever you end of doing, I know you will do well, because of who you are.” I know God will send me those that are open to having their healing revealed to them and leading a more happy, fulfilled life. I live to serve God’s limitless will and to some people’s surprise, it is God’s will to see you happy and spiritually fulfilled. We are co-creating our existence with God. Let’s all choose to co-create something we find spiritually fulfilling and amazing.

– Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist

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