Making the Best out of Every Situation

     Last night as I was leaving work, I was walking out with one of my best friends, Casey. She was surprised to see her husband there working on her car, but she needed a jump so he was there already evaluating the situation. Since I think of her husband like a brother, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and give him a hug. After doing that I walked over to my car and… it didn’t start. I sent her a text saying, “we are so insync that my car will also not start. lol” I was not surprised with my car not starting since it happens periodically.

     Last week, my car didn’t start and I gave it reiki, prayed really hard, and promised to take it to the repair shop over the weekend then it finally started. I totally forgot to take my car to the shop this weekend as I promised. I know I’ve read a lot of spirituality books that have agreed to the concept that we get together as a group of souls and promise to work on something together. We are often working things out at a higher spiritual level before bringing it into our human lives. So I knew when Casey and her *car expert* husband, BJ, were there when my car didn’t start that they were helping me deal with this car issue at the soul level. They brought the technical and emotional support I required to get over this issue that I didn’t want to deal with.

     BJ tried lots of things to make the car start but he agreed but he thought it needs a new starter. BJ made Casey promise not to leave me until the tow truck got there. Casey and I spent the next hour having quality time catching up. I even had to laugh because since I hadn’t gone grocery shopping this weekend so I had brought rice cakes and sunbutter for lunch. Not the most nutritious lunch for me but it was all I had in the house that I could pack quickly yesterday morning. I had to laugh though because the sunbutter and rice cakes that were already in my car ended up becoming dinner. Casey and I went back upstairs in our office building to grab my laptop so I can work from home the next day. While we were there she grabbed peanut butter she had at her desk so she had peanut butter and a rice cake for dinner. It was lovely to spend the evening with such a good friend without any distractions.

     I had called AAA and they said it would be an hour for the tow. After an hour and 15 minutes, we called and AAA still had not found anyone to service my call. Casey agreed to drive me home and I told AAA to change it to an unattended tow. I am so honored to have such wonderful friends. I cried last night and I know it was because I have such good friends. I read once that sometimes a person can cry after people are nice to them because the love received opened their heart more and they cry because they forgot how good it felt to have their heart that open. I feel like I am good at giving love and still learning how to fully receive love so last night was a good practice in receiving love and support. I also thought it was symbolic that on the last week of my office job that I should get a new starter right before starting a new chapter of life. I feel so honored to have such wonderful friends.

-Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist (the one in the pink shirt below)

Eva and Casey spending quality time while waiting for the tow truck! We decided to take a picture so it would pop back up in social media a year from now and remind us of this night. 

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