Move Forward Fearlessly!

I first read the phrase “Move Forward Fearlessly” on a Doreen Virtue card many years ago. I was having a difficult time then and I know God was reaching out to me through any possible means. When I thought about to make a huge shift from being a person working in an office into living in more alignment with my soul mission, I wanted to give my logical mind the encouragement for what my soul already knows is best.


On Sunday evening, before I put in my two week notice I painted this to help me say goodbye to a closing chapter and move forward into a new chapter. I originally started painting this canvas in June. After a lovely birthday party for some friends, we had so much extra paint and I wasn’t wanting to leave my friends’ presence just yet. I knew I was working on my willpower chakra so I painted the canvas yellow with the idea of adding inspirational text at a later date. The yellow painted canvas sat in my living room under the tv facing the couch for months. I was still narrowing down the idea of what text I wanted. I mentally tested how I felt about a lot of empowering positive affirmations throughout the months, but I knew this one was the answer.

Our lives will constantly change if we allow it to happen. God, or the Universe,  will completely support you with life’s challenges. This will happen even more fully if you take the time to connect with your inner guidance through prayer, meditation, yoga and reiki. As we surmount challenges, our comfort zone expands and our challenges change, but so do the spiritual rewards that come with it. I have sent myself and this change a lot of holy fire reiki. I am really grateful for how beautifully everything is unfolding. I hope you also feel divinely supported and guided, because you certainly are. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Ascension Holistic Healing Owner, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist


Painting at Carlys 6_25_2016

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  1. Lovely article, thank you 💖


    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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