Bravely Making Changes – Part 2!

In Bravely Making Changes – Part 1!, I discussed that “I often like to think of myself as a child of God, because when you think of your spiritual growth and journey from the frame work of being a child of God, it is ‘ok’ to make mistakes, change your mind, and start again when you are a child.” I kept reminding myself to keep an open mind and be open to change. I kept the idea of neuroplasticity and being open to being modeled by God.

Sometimes during prayer I receive an image or vision that answers my question posed to God. During challenging times, I have received the image of God like a blacksmith forging a creation (me, you, us) in a forge’s fire. I know that when the metal is hot changes can be made more easily. Mentally, I willingly throw myself in God’s Holy Fire visually and know that the changes I am going through are for my highest good even if they seem difficult, but I have to keep a positive vision of my goals at all times. During my transformation into becoming vegan (I was a pretty big fan of meat and dairy… so it was quite a shift), I would pray to God and received visions. I knew it was for my highest good and the answer to my prayers about being healthier, but I didn’t know how to feed myself! Thankfully, there are many resources available on the internet and God sent me one right after another. Through that transition, I kept seeing the visual of a building surrounded by scaffolding while part of the old foundation was being removed and being replaced by the new. I knew it was a message that I was completely supported during this transition. I spend part of my lunch hour every day channeling reiki to that situation and the newest change.

This newest transition was also a leap of faith. I have been working on building my Ascension Holistic Healing business while still working a full time office job. I honestly love my co-workers so the choice was not easy for me. I kept feeling called to serve God more fully though. As of October 31, 2016, I gave my office job my two weeks notice. I am going to work at the Kenwood Massage Envy for 26-34 hours a week while focusing on my reiki practice, Ascension Holistic Healing, and writing the rest of the time. During the contemplation period before giving my office job notice (and when doubt started to creep in after I gave my notice), I kept seeing signs everywhere! I saw so many angel numbers it almost seemed unreal, but I knew it was God and the angels giving me encouragement and asking me to hand over any fears to God. We can have the full power of the divine behind us and always do, but we still have the free will choice. We have to do the human part of the spiritual teamwork. I struggled with “Will I continue to work at a job that is now spiritually unfulfilling for me just for a “safety” of a bi-monthly paychecks?” The answer was “no longer” but the job served its purpose at the time and now I was ready to leave. I was still worried about the change and all sorts of fears about lack popped up. I did meditations handing those worries and fears over to God for transmutation, knowing that I was going to work on my life’s purpose more fully with this new position. I knew I would help others in a way that is more aligned with who I am.

Check out a few of the numerous signs I received. Since I was putting it out there to God that I was going to be malleable like a child, God gave me motivation through Dreamworks and Pixar movies. One of the screenshots is a bit pink, but that is because of the Twilight app. If you have not heard about the app, it turns off the blue light at night that disrupts the wake/sleep cycle. They are not paying me to talk about it, but I have used the free version for years and it helps me. Since it is good for your health and the better people sleep then the more happy the world is… I wanted to share! Thanks for going on this journey with me. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist

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