Make Time for Fun and Unlock your Potential!

Nowadays it seems like everyone over schedules themselves. Give yourself permission to do something fun, something creative, or just be. When was the last time you laid in the grass and looked into the clouds? I remember laying in the grass next to my sister and imagining what the clouds looked like. My sister and I spent so much of our childhood outdoors. We played in the woods all the time when we were young. Every summer was filled with walking to the pool and swimming, exploring in the woods, and walking to the library.


Make time for yourself today to play and use your imagination! If you are thinking, “I have chores I have to do around the house… so I can’t”, I challenge you to make whatever you do as fun as possible and say the affirmation, “I have all the time I require to enjoy life”. When I do chores, I always listen to music and it helps make the time and everything I do a little bit more fun and feel easier.


If you still don’t feel like you can make the time or if you are feeling a bit stuck in life, Contact me! Giving reiki to myself has helped me to get unstuck from things that no longer serve my highest purpose. A lot of times when I tell people I would love to teach them reiki, they automatically think I want them to become a reiki practitioner as their job; that is not what I mean. That is not necessarily the best fit for your soul purpose, but learning reiki helped me open doors to being happier and healthier. I know it can help those who are willing to use this skill. Reiki helped me be persistence on working on my dreams. I had one client tell me that for two days after a reiki session he was completely free of pain! If you were someone with chronic pain, would you want the key to unlock living pain-free? I would say “yes!” and I hope you would too, that is why I want to teach you. Prescriptions for pain medicine are undoubtedly more expensive over time than learning reiki. Giving reiki to yourself for as little as 10-20 minutes a day can make a huge difference when practiced over time.

After learning level two of reiki, which is distance reiki, I used to channel reiki  with the intention of “Eva Borho living a healthier lifestyle”. I didn’t try to control how that would happen, I was open and ready to learning more about how I could better care for myself. I would normally receive the signs of how to implement this throughout the course of that day or even throughout the week. Reiki can help you with whatever goals you have!

-Eva Borho, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing, Licensed Massage Therapist


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