First, I want to apologize, because it has been too long since I made time to write in the blog. Last week, I was on Jury Duty and it was just the shake up my routine required to change up the way I spent my time and to help me re-evaluate things. I know my goals, but I had been taking a break to catch my breath… in a manner of speaking. A lot has been changing for me and more changes are on the horizon! I am excited! Persistence movement toward my goals is the best way to bring about the dreams I have.

Persistence of purpose is key to fulfilling your dreams! The dreams of what we would really like to do with our time are often a glimpse into the soul’s purpose of each person. If you are thinking “I can’t get paid the lay on a beach… or can I?” like I was, maybe part of your soul is longing for an escape or some relaxation. Whatever images come to your mind, be open. Don’t shoot anything down. Miracles happen everyday and miracles can happen when you make small steps in the best direction toward your dreams.


Take the time to show yourself some love by sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper and dream your biggest dream. What would your life look like? How do you feel? What activities fill your days? Who is there with you? If you like what you see and how you feel, create positive affirmations around them. Positive affirmations are like medicine for the subconscious mind – so use positive affirmations daily… or more, if required.

Let’s use the example of seeing yourself at the beach. You could say the following affirmations:

Life is joyous.

I make time for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine!

I am so happy.

I am grateful for life’s many blessings.

I easily have enough resources to go where I want to go in life.

Even if these affirmations don’t feel true for you yet or feel silly, keep saying them with feeling and you will see them become true. The only time they don’t come true is if you start thinking “this works for everyone but me” or “that could never happen to me”. God respects your free will and if you think it will not happen to you, it won’t. Keep your thoughts positive and keep faith that your dreams are unfolding more and more every day! As always, Reiki is divine, loving light helping you become your best self and can help ease your path to happiness and wellness. Please contact me via text, phone, or email to schedule a reiki session or learn more about upcoming reiki classes. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing, Licensed Massage Therapist, Holy Fire Reiki Master


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