Know Thyself

It is so important to be true to who you are. We all have events and people in our lives that have helped shape us to become the people we are. There have been times throughout my life where I was unhappy and/or not uncertain about how to proceed. The questions of “where do I fit in this world?” and “why am I here?” always bounced around in my head as I grew up. I will never forget the one time, my mom looked at me incredulously and said “You don’t think like other people.” She didn’t mean it as an insult, but rather she didn’t understand how I could have such a thought. I don’t even remember exactly what I said, but I remember her reaction. Other times, my mom would tell me I was scary smart or crazy smart. Typically “scary” and “crazy” are not the best way to be described, but since it was in front of the word smart, I was ok with it. It’s ok to be different. If you feel different than others, you are meant to be a mover and a shaker. You are meant to help others shift from the old paradigms into the new. I have always seemingly been able to give a different perspective on issues. We are all here to learn spiritual lessons so change is an important and constantly needed variable to grow.

Once I had a reiki master tell me that one of my divine gift was being able to more easily see the beauty in things than other people. When she said that, I could understand it completely. I was once out with a friend to go see a movie. We talked as we talked from our cars to the theater. Next to the theater was a Christmas Winter display of town. As my friend was talking she was literally going to walk right past all of it without noticing it at all. We were not in a deep of a discussion so I was surprise that she didn’t even seem to notice it. Once I pointed it out to her, she was interested in the window display. We stood there for minutes and looked at all the details. The village was not even part of a store to sell things. The retail space was not being used by a store or restaurant, so the front had been rented to showcase this miniature Christmas village collection. The collection was so large that several cities were represented. We lived in Cincinnati, but my favorite city in the collection was London. They had the Globe theatre, Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Bridge to name some of the stand out figures that clearly made it London. If I had not said something, would my friend walked completely by the display? I believe so. From across the parking lot it was all I could think about seeing, but I waited to say anything to test this theory that I could more easily see beauty than others. I waited then when we almost completely walked by, passing the display, I interrupted my friend’s talking, but saying “Hold on, we have to stop and look at this.” It is only one example I had listed here, but it is one among countless. I now choose to make the time to point out the beauty I see to others. The reward, for me, is the smiles it puts on other people’s faces. I image sharing the beauty I see with others like skipping a rock on a pond and creating outward ripples. Hopefully, those ripples touch their heart and help to brighten their day. Life is lived in the details so notice the beauty no matter how small.

Spend time with yourself today and a little bit everyday, contemplating your gifts and how you can use them to share with others. Your divine gifts truly become gifts when you share your gifts with others. How do you think you can help yourself and others? What is one of your gifts? If you do not know what your gifts are pray and God helps you to recognize them. Use the daily positive affirmations, “I easily see my divine gifts and how I can use them to help others” and “It is safe for me to look within”. Positive affirmations can really help when used with regularity. As always, I would also recommend downraying white light and/or using reiki to help you with self discovery! Also, if you like this post, please share it with a friend of family member so we can help spread love and light! Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing


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