Being Open to Receiving

Everyone might think they are open to receiving, but I invite you to become even more open. When someone compliments you, simply say “thank you!” I often see people literally flick their wrist downward like they are swatting away the compliment. I also hear people say a sarcastic “thanks” like they think the person complimenting them was lying or crazy. Be open to receiving like a child is able to do. Most children do not look for the “hidden strings” or bat away gifts like an adult who swats away a compliment. Some people give the person who gave them a compliment a compliment right back. This is also unnecessary. Sometimes, people give a compliment back to the other person as a way of reversing the focus. If you genuinely feel like giving a person one, then feel free, but I also want to say that it is okay to bask in the glow of receiving.


I use this example of receiving a compliment to illustrate that there are opportunities every day to practice being open to receiving. Accepting little gifts show God you open to receiving even more goodness into your life. Think of the expression, “it is too good to be true”. Why would something that is good, be untrue? If you catch yourself thinking that or even saying it, follow that thought with “Of course, it is true! Good things happen to me everyday.” If you feel like good things don’t happen to you, then clear that thought and take a few moments to think of at least three good things to be grateful for in your life. God has so much abundance to give all of us. When I say abundance I mean: creativity, ideas, energy, wisdom, prosperity, love, health, and much more! God is truly and endless supply of love and whatever you require to become your highest, truest, best self. Love yourself by practicing being open to receiving. Even simply say a prayer of “God, thank you for sending (fill in the blank – for example, “creative energy”) to me. I am open to receiving this gift and using this gift for the highest purpose.” Being open to this endless stream of loving energy can help boost everything you do. Learning and receiving reiki are ways to help tap into this endless supply of love and abundance. Contact me if you would like to learn more about signing up for a reiki class or setting up your own personal reiki session. If you liked this post, please share it with a friend to help spread love and light. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing LLC



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