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As the breeze from the shore kissed my skin, I felt at peace. While doing yoga on the beach before sunrise, I reflected on the past past couple years. There has been so much change and I welcome more change. I married my husband Nathan in May of 2015 and learned reiki I in July 2015 then Reiki II in August 2015. I am looking forward to becoming a Master/Teacher in a couple of weeks! After teaching in graduate school, my long time love of teaching was sealed. There is something very satisfying about sharing knowledge and then watching each student apply it in their own way. I originally went to college because I wanted to be professor of communication, but after spending time in academia wanted to find a different way to teach with less restrictions. Grading was my least favorite part, but fortunately when I hold my reiki classes, I won’t have to grade anyone, but I will still be able to witness how people use the information gleaned from my classes! I would think the only want to “fail” in a reiki class would be if you didn’t use it after you left the class. That would be life receiving a gift but not unwrapping it and then putting it in a cupboard you don’t use. Be open to the healing light of reiki because it will help you unwrap the divine gifts already within you!

I am looking forward to the change of teaching classes this fall and winter. All the changes that reiki has helped kick start in my life has made life an adventure. Just as a disclaimer, the change you need at the soul level may not been the change you consciously want though. Just like my change to go vegan, I didn’t really want to, but I fould that the change has been the answer to my prayers about health and living more connected to the divine. That change and other changes that have unfolded in my life have been fantastic because I am becoming my true self. I am becoming who I must be to move forward on fulfilling my soul’s mission on earth. We are all called to bring loving spiritual energy into the physical plane of earth. To truly move forward freely, I have been working on unplugging from painful memories and toxic situations. Since this time last year, there has been lots of love, but there has also been a lot of forgiveness. I want to completely release the past. I often say the positive affirmation, “I release the past. They are free and I am free.” Those affirmations are from Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. When old memories replay in our minds, we are being shown something that needs to heal. Sometimes, things can even be so traumatic that we can’t remember them on the conscious level. Giving yourself reiki can help you release the past.

Life is lived in the present moment. The only power the past has over you is the energy we give it in the present moment. If you don’t believe me, please read “The Power of the Now: A Guide the Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle. When you are plugged into the past, you do not have enough energy to manifest the life of your dreams in the present moment. When you are plugged into the past or the worries of what the future may hold, you are stealing from your power in the present moment. Giving reiki to myself and channeling distance reiki for my friends and family has really helped bring more of God’s love and light into our everyday lives. Spending time being a channel for reiki has brought such peace to my life. Some of the changes have been a spot of internal struggle as my ego (the lower self) fought the changes my higher self (the part of your soul in heaven with God acting like a satellite in deep orbit helping your physical self stay on track with your soul mission) wanted to bring into my life. I know was a run on sentence but re-read it if you need to, because the definitions are important too. The ego fears its own extinction, so it may try to throw up roadblocks, but the ego only has as much power as you give it. Do not fear, but instead know you are completely supported by the divine. Pray prayers for protection and the highest healing available. This ego can be a yappy dog in some people or more like a rabid dog in other people, be gentle with yourself and as explore you inner self. Keep affirming “It is safe for me to look within. I am willing to change. I am changing. I graciously accept what serves my highest purpose. I release that which does not serve my highest purpose.” Most of these affirmation came from “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay too. I have most of those affirmations memorized and I use them like a sword cutting through darkness to release thoughts that cross my mind. On of the lovely things I learned in  “The Power of the Now: A Guide the Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle is that I am not my mind; I am more than my mind. When you can become the observer of your mind, you can step back in stressful situations to see everything from a higher perspective. I could go on all day, but I have to get to the beach to do my yoga! The picture from today’s post are the ones I have taken the past couple days on the beach. There are perks to waking up before everyone else and staying late enough to be the only person on the beach. If you have interest in learning reiki or setting up your own distance reiki session, please contact me. Also, if you liked this post, please share it with a friend so we can spread messages of love and light! Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing LLC

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