Serving your Highest Purpose

We all came to earth with our souls’ missions. Each person has something or some things they were meant to accomplish. We were all given talents and abilities to use for our missions. Often when people are in jobs that do not fit well with expressing their natural abilities, that is when dissatisfaction can set in. Is it the job itself or something in the work environment? Sometimes, a person could be working their favorite kind of work, but some condition is making it less enjoyable.

When I started working with reiki, my perspective of my true abilities and talents shifted. I was able to see how life had been preparing me for my true life’s work. Each experience was helping to prepare me. When you can see the divine meaning in even the mundane tasks of everyday life, something as little as doing the dishes can have spiritual meaning. I read in a spirituality book the idea that each act we do serves a purpose within our energy field or aura. People don’t often even realize it though. In one of the book’s examples, there was a woman had a job with a lot of typing and talking on the phone. When I read that part, I felt like it was written for my because of the job I was doing at the time. The author* said that the typing was strengthening the connection between her mind and her hands. Also, talking on the phone was strengthening the connection between her mind and her mouth. When I thought about my dream job, I knew that these would be helpful connections to have strengthened. Since I also cared for the clients I worked for, I also thought the connections from my mouth and my hands were being strengthened in their connection to my heart. This realization helped me to further realize that I wanted to start my own reiki practice and to continue typing my book. I started to get the ball rolling on these while I worked another full time job. I wanted to do that so their wouldn’t be any pressure on my dream jobs of writing and giving reiki. I could just let things unfold naturally.


What do you think your life’s mission is? How are you working on it? If you are not sure what your answer is to either question, think back to when you were young. What did you want to be when you grew up? Often the young version of ourselves can have a vague remembrance of the soul contract we made before coming to earth, but may not have known how to describe it. As a child, I often wanted to me a teacher, a doctor, and a mom. I know as an adult, I want to teach people about wellness – mental, physical, and spiritual – so I can see where teacher and doctor came from. Of course, I still want to be a mom and I know that is  a big part of soul’s mission. Being the guardian of a divine being such as a baby is an honor. I look forward to helping my children navigate their way through life. Some people reading this may not have a clue what they wanted to be when they were little and that is ok. I encourage you to meditate on the idea. Reiki is what really helped bring clarity for me. Reiki helps to clear your energy field and declutter your mind, among other things. If you are interested in scheduling your reiki session, please contact me. If you don’t live in the Cincinnati area, please check out my post called What is Distance Reiki? and if you are interested, contact me to set up your session. I have seent distance reiki clients receive the same benefits as in person clients so it is definitely worth check out. If you are a busy person, distance reiki is a great option for you too. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho,  reiki practitioner, licensed massage therapist, owner of Ascension Holistic Healing LLC


*I have read so many books on spirituality over time so I don’t always remember which idea came from which book. I believe it was from Sanaya Roman’s book, “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self”. 

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