Change your Life for the Better!

I am reading the book “Change Your Aura, Change your Life” and I love it! I know reading this book will help me to better explain how reiki helps people change their lives. This book discusses how the aura, which is the energy around our body is the seat of change in our lives. Through our auras we connect to the divine. Similar to how a person unconsciously breathes in air, we unconsciously draw in divine light. Many people that have taken the time to know when you do conscious breathing, it can have a calming and mind clearing impact. This is also true for drawing in divine light. When we are stressed, we often sigh deeply (as we release the negative energy for transmutation) and then taken in a deep breath (of new more positive energy). When our bodies are stressed from exercise, we breath deeply because we need more energy. Similarly, the same can be said for drawing in divine light through our aura. The more attention and time you can give to consciously draw in divine light, the more fuel you will have to change your life to what you would allow yourself to have. It is a beautiful process to behold and an interesting process to undertake for yourself.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

I like the quote from honest Abe, because I feel like often people accept what they have learned and they have their minds made up as to what they can have. I have seen others deal with feelings of unworthiness. I have dealt with it myself. I have seen others struggle with “I would love to do _____, but I don’t know how” and I have dealt with it myself. I know your life can change for the better. Examine why you want to make these changes. Pulling in divine light helps you to reveal your best self. You are unique. Your divine gifts are unique. The world benefits from when you develop your divine gifts and share them with the world.

An artist’s depiction of the aura and the chakras. The aura and chakra are too complex to be shown in 2D, but this gives you an idea.

I am not sure how I would have received this book “Change Your Aura, Change your Life” (Revised Edition) by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, if I had not already learned reiki. I can attest to the power of calling in divine light so I would recommend reading it. As they discuss in the book, the light is the conduit for divine consciousness. When you call on these different rays, you must use the energy or grace given to use and show that you know how to incorporate it into your life. I often use the affirmation of holding a more loving thoughts and feelings about myself and others. When I started, I wanted to truly release any judgments, because I know the judgments I hold are really statements about something unhealed within myself. Since working with this intention of releasing judgment, my thoughts have become more loving and I feel more at peace with myself and others.

I have also often used the affirmation abundance now and channeled reiki, with abundance as my intention, to my family, myself, and occasionally for friends. I have seen the changes for my family taking place over time. Since my sister and I speak openly of our finances, I know that things are becoming more organized and efficient. Money is taboo for most people so I have not asked my friends in detail about any changes to their finances. I know that with reiki and the positive affirmation, “Abundance now”, I kept receiving chances to learn how to better manage my money and ideas of how to make more money while doing what I love would come to me. For me, I wanted to have enough money so I can devote more time to my spiritual teaching and studies. I wanted to have fun, release worry, to truly live a life of freedom as I travel the world and share spiritual knowledge with others. I know these are motives the divine can support.

mirabelka-720640 (1)

This blog and my reiki practice are a direct result of working with reiki and positive affirmations. I have wanted to have a reiki practice since I learned reiki, but was uncertain about the actual details of starting an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), bookkeeping, and filing the taxes. I kept and keep affirming that “The details take care of themselves” and “The information I require arrives in the perfect order with divine timing”. When I keep affirming this, I keep finding that it is true. Being open to divine light is like receiving a download of divine consciousness from heaven. For the changes to take place, you must download this divine transmission and run the program which was graciously given to you. Would you receive a gift and not unwrap it? That would be silly. Use the divine light given to you! How would you use divine light to better your life for yourself and others? Please reflect on that and write it down if you would like. People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Are you ready to try reiki yet? Contact me about classes forming and reiki. If you don’t live in the area, contact me about your own personalized Distance Reiki session. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, reiki practitioner and owner of Ascension Holistic Healing


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