Being Open to Healing Light


The more I talk about the benefits of reiki, the more questions I get about “What is reiki?” I joke with people that reiki teachers talk about this for eight to 16 hours depending on what method they use to teach for level I and with all that time… we still only scratch the surface. To distill my explaination down, I would say that reiki is taking in healing light. The healing light is the method of true change. If you would like to give up a habit or live a healthier life or eliminate negative self talk, reiki is for you. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, reiki is for you. If you want to better live your life, reiki is for you. Do you see a theme here? I do!


Reiki is being the conduit for healing light. At each level of reiki learned, we are making space energetically for more light to pass through us. The practitioner acts as a conduit for reiki, which is pure energy and will help you wherever you are on your journey. The gift of reiki is that this pure energy helps to clear any real or perceived blocks when used over time. This clearing will untie any knots of the past and help you hold up all your experiences to the light of love. That is why I would love to train one parent from every family. Imagine that when you or a family member had a rough day, you could treat yourself or them. Imagine that you could treat each other! Can you imagine a world full of such love and light? I can. I have imagined this future and it is beautiful. When you channel reiki for another person, you also receive a healing so it is a truly beautiful and uplifting experience.


Reiki came to me as an answer to prayer. As an adult, I prayed because when I read about Jesus and the loving God presented in the New Testament, I could understand the words and the ideal on the pages, but I didn’t understand how to truly live those ideals. I prayed to be closer to God. I also prayed for a deeper understanding of how to live those ideals of compassion, peace, and love, among others. I didn’t grow up with much of a formal religious upbringing, so when I heard about Jesus saying “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14) and that we would do things greater than Jesus (John 14:12), I thought … “Ok, how? Because I have faith and want to help.” There are clearly a lot of events, people, and places that need help so… “what can we do to do things ‘greater’ than Jesus? How to work with God?” We are here on earth to learn spiritual lessons while in a physical body and to bring spiritual energy into the physical world. This unfoldment is definitely a process, but when you work with the divine light of reiki everyday wonderful things take place.


When reiki came up in my life again, I knew it was a well-timed sign for what I had prayed for and I signed up for a class. I received the guidance to take the whole reiki series of classes when I was in college and ignored the advice because I thought the classes cost too much. After taking the classes, I know the results are priceless and continue to be priceless. In the grand scheme of things, the classes are not that much. I am sure I have saved time and money for what I would have paid for the same results through any other methods. Since learning reiki (and especially reiki level 2), my life has been blossoming beautifully. Things that used to be an issue have been cleared away. I am in better physical health and my thoughts are more positive. I am constantly affirming that I am willing to release the past and graciously accept positive new changes with love and joy. I also affirm that I release any resistance to change. I have channeled reiki to my close family members and seen big improvements in them and their situations too. When you are open to the light, it will come through and help sweep away that which no longer serves your highest purpose. The beauty of this divine light is that the light helps each of us to change and truly helps each of us to unfold to our greatest potential. The divine light poured into my friends and family has brought such beautiful changes and helped us to let go of past traumas. If you are open to divine light, I know reiki can help you too! I would love to give you a session, in person or via distance healing. I would also love to teach it to you. Peace be with you!

-Eva Borho, reiki practitioner and owner of Ascension Holistic Healing


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