Bringing Positive Changes!

Changing the subconscious mind can bring about positive changes. Often when I work with my reiki clients, I like to introduce the idea that our thoughts have power. Our habits have power. Positive affirmations when said with regularity can help you shift you into a more positive mindset and help you manifest the life of your dreams.  If you want positive changes, you have to take the first step and our most constant companions are our own thoughts. At the bottom is a video with a Louise Hay recording that I enjoyed listening to this morning. Let this video reprogram your subconscious mind. Listen to this video while you sleep or while you do the dishes.


Make the time to make yourself and your spiritual growth a priority. Focusing on your spiritual growth will help fill you with more light and make living life a joy. After I learned reiki and used it on a daily basis, my life became more peaceful, more joyful, and centered. Due to the strong spiritual grounding, I was able to handle stressful situations better. Taking time to heal yourself helps to make the world a better place, one person at a time. Start by loving and caring for yourselves; by doing so you are able to be a better student, spouse, co-worker, parent or child. Make the time.

‘Time is a created thing. To say “I don’t have time,” is like saying, “I don’t want to.”’
– Lao Tzu



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