Healing Accepted

In spiritual truth, we are already totally and completely healed. Indeed, we are only revealing what is already there: the divinity that we already are as creations of God. You may not think that is true for yourself or others, but we are all indeed divine creations. People may not be acting in a way that honors their divine nature, but the divine nature is still there at the heart of the being. Often it takes healing to reveal this divine nature to ourselves and subsequently others. That healing could even be as simple as sitting outdoors alone to allow the mind to clear.

Speaking of healing, I was surprised and excited when the church service I went to talked about laying of hands! I consider reiki to be laying of hands so I was glad to hear it mentioned. I would like to teach reiki to as many people as I could. While I was not totally surprised to hear laying of hands mentioned in church, because the bible talks about laying of hands, I still had not heard it mentioned in my parish before. The deacon asked for healings for the people in the parish. The homily was interactive and the parishioners who believed said “Amen.” That might not sound like much but it is a Catholic church and spontaneous declarations of “Amen” are not really common occurrences.

The deacon offered prayers of affirmation and openness to healing. He asked people who felt something to stand up. I had felt some tingling and release in my right upper back in between my neck and shoulder. I knew that was one of the spots that had held tension since childhood. I thought of the the people and events involved then I prayed for forgiveness. I wanted to truly forgive. Since I know we are always doing the best we could at that time, it was pointless to care around unforgiveness. The next morning I woke up and the center of my chest felt bruised like I had taken a punch to the chest. I even checked my skin under the bright lights of my bathroom to make sure there was not a physical bruise. When I prayed asking what had happen, in my mind’s eye I saw a hand of white light gently enter the center of my chest then removing the unforgiveness from my heart. In my mind’s eye, the unforgiveness looked like black dense goo. Since I am familiar with the idea that energetic shifts can temporarily create physical symptoms, I did released any worry about the bruised feeling. I prayed for God to fill my heart with pure love and light. As impatient as I may feel at times, I know life and healing are a process. I just have to keep doing better than I did before. Peace be with you!


If you have any interest in seeing the homily for yourself, use the link: http://ihom.org/MassOnline.aspx and select Aug 13th 5pm service. The homily starts at 25:00 and the prayer starts 28:50. Having seen it in person, I don’t think the video does it justice, but it is a good place to start. Bring on the healing!

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