Willing to Change

“I am willing to change. I am changing. I hold up all my experiences to the light of love. I lovingly release the past. They are free and I am free. All is well,” I have been affirming those and others for quite some time. Those positive affirmations came from when I read the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I read the book a couple months ago and I absolutely loved it. I still carry it around in my messenger bag because I like to reference the affirmations in the book. I absolutely love Hay House and have read many books by many of their authors. I have listened to talks by Reid Tracey and Louise Hay. I would love for them to publish my book… as soon as I get it all typed!

I had also read about the history of how things got started for Hay House when it occurred to me that I had not read a book by Louise Hay. How had I gone so long without reading one?! Seriously?! I know I have over twenty pages on my audible.com wish list and I can’t seem to listen to audio books quick enough for my taste. I love listening to audiobooks when I drive, when I walk outdoors, and when I do household chores. I also like to actually sit down to read a physical book and highlight the pages. Audiobooks help to quench my thirst for knowledge of divine love and spirituality. A couple times a year, I will listen to a fiction book for fun, but spirituality books are still more fun to me. I know spirituality is my passion.

So once I realized I had not read one by Louise Hay I sent a prayer up to ask that a book she had written would come to me in one way or another. I figured through the Law of Attraction the book that would best serve my highest learning would come to me. I was at Half Priced Books with my husband to sell some old books and movies, when I saw the book! This copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay was the only copy on the shelf and the rainbow on the bind stood out to me. I knew it was her first book and I loved the idea of reading the book that got it all started!


I read the book over the course of a month. I laughed because at one point in the book, she says something like if this book makes you want to throw it across the room – good, we are getting somewhere. Healing the wounds of the past and the misinformation we have accumulated over time takes effort. A couple weeks into reading the book, I prayed a prayer of gratitude. The book was in excellent condition with just a few cracks in the spine of the book. I visualized a woman reading the book in the 80’s and loving placing the book into a bookshelf in a place of honor once she had read it. After being on the shelf for more than 30 years, the woman bought a more recently printed version and sold this one at Half Priced Books. I was glad to buy it. I was so excited to have a piece of spiritual history in almost mint condition! Then the thoughts occurred to me that I took this excellent condition piece of history and had put yellow highlighter all over it! For a second I felt a little bad like I had abused some treasure, but I received the guidance that the book was meant to be loved and referenced. I had highlighted all over it like my textbooks in college. I know some people didn’t highlights there books in college, because it was better for resale, but that is not how I learn best.


After months of affirmations, lots of reiki, prayers, and meditation, I have felt lots of energetic shifting. I liked the book so much that I bought the book for my sister and my parents!  I also feel like my past was saying hello and goodbye. On Friday evening, I went to visit a friend in the hospital. I stopped working at that same hospital four years ago. I had worked there for four years. While I was visiting, I saw someone I used to work with probably ten years ago. I knew she used to work as a Patient Care Assistant (PCA) on the floor I was visiting, but she was in plain clothes. I asked her, “Do you still work here?” and she replied “yes, but I am a nurse now!” I was so excited to know she was working on her dreams and providing for her family. Saturday I met a group of friends for lunch and the restaurant just happened to be across from the bank my sister used to work at over ten years ago. I believe all the blasts from the pasts were a way of seeing how much I have already changed in the past ten years. I lovingly thanked my past experiences for what they taught me. I then lovingly affirmed that I was ready to move forward! Change can seem hard at the time, but it is worth the lessons we gain from the experiences.

If you are looking for positive changes read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. My only criticism is that the book doesn’t give the perspective of wholeness. We all came to this life to learn different lessons so the conditions a person manifests might have to do with the lessons they need to learn (or the misinformation they need to unlearn). Be kind and patience with yourself and others. “You Can Heal Your Life” is a powerful book. Peace be with you!


Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., Owner-Operator of Ascension Holistic Healing

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