Gratitude Paves the Way to Abundance!

I have talked about abundance and being open to receiving. This openness to receiving can take place over time. We keep showing God, or the universe if you prefer, that we are open to receiving more and more through our actions. I send reiki to my family and myself to help us become more open to abundance. On Friday afternoon, I went outside around 3pm for a brief 9 minute meditation break. I try to make time to do this every afternoon because I just feel happier and more connected when I do. As I walked down the stairs to go do my meditation I was feeling pain in my abdomen. Knowing that is where I have storied anger and stress, I prayed to God to help me cut the energetic cords to this pain. My phone instantly chimed with a notification. The noficiation was for a Monday Meditation Video from Hay House. I smiled because I have only ever gotten Monday Meditation video alerts on Mondays when a new video is uploaded and this video was indeed uploaded in 2014. I knew it was an answer to my prayer!


At the time, I didn’t have enough time to do the 33:55 minute meditation then, but planned to do that meditation when I got home that evening. As I got outside, I realized I didn’t have my earbuds with me, but if I went back to get them, my break time would be over. I decided to continue with the plan to practice my 9 minute meditation at a low volume since no one normally is around anyway. As the meditation was ending, I was interrupted by someone. As the conversation continued, he ended up offering me earbuds, because I had mentioned that I had forgot mine. As I was about to refuse the free earbuds because they were not in a package and I was thinking “ew, the earbuds might have been used” I stopped myself from refusing. Instead I took the blue earbuds and thanked him for the gift. The man told me he had gotten them as a marketing gift from New Amsterdam Vodka. I smiled and thanked him again. I then mentally affirmed that I am open to receiving. I smiled not only because the ears didn’t look used, but because they were blue and the name of the company. That shade of blue is my favorite color to wear. Also, the symbolic juxtaposition of Amsterdam and Vodka was interesting to me. I don’t really drink so am not a big vodka fan, but Vodka always make me think of Russia. I smiled because I often insist that my husband Nathan, who has the nickname Boris, and one of our future children (long backstory story) were probably Russian in a past life. Seeing Amsterdam made me think of  when my grandpa on my maternal side would call my sister and I his “little Dutch girls” because of our paternal heritage. So while some people may just have been like ‘cool… free earbuds’, I saw the personalized gift loaded with symbolism that would take too long to describe. I sent up a prayer of gratitude for this sign of God’s love and my progress in opening to abundance! When have you received something and you knew it was a sign?


When I got home, I did the meditation that had been sent to my phone every day for the next three days. Each time, I could feeling the healing energy pulsating into my energy centers and I could feel old energy that no longer served my highest good leave my body. I kept affirming that I am open to changes for my highest good and open to abundance. At the end of the weekend, I went to fill up my gas tank. I passed the first gas station thinking I would have a loyal rewards discount at the second gas station. When I didn’t have a discount, I was a bit bummed because this gas station cost more. When I mentally read the prompt, “Do you want a car wash?” I thought “Yes, but I don’t want to pay for it” and clicked “No.” In very little time, a man came over to where I was filling up. He told me he worked for the gas company and ask if I wanted a free car wash. He told me when he fills up his tanker truck that he always gets one and they expire if they aren’t used in 90 days. I smiled and told him I would be very appreciative to have a free car wash. He went back to his truck’s cabin and came back with a receipt that had the free car wash code. I thanked him again and shook his hand. I was excited. I had not had my car washed in ages! I was so grateful and amazed by the answered prayer. After my car wash, I rolled down my window and thanked him again!

If you have any interest in the video, this is the that was divinely sent to me. Peace be with you!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your abundance story! I have also received many gifts from All That Is, and I am deeply grateful for each one. I agree that gratitude paves the way to abundance! We are very blessed. I am also grateful for the times when it seems like what I “need” isn’t showing up. Those may be the greatest gifts of all!


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