Opening to Abundance

I would have to say that most mind blowing time I ever had with reiki was treating the daughter of a close friend in Fall 2015. I knew this client loved to dance, but no longer took lessons due to her family’s changes in their jobs and finances. I asked my friend to bring over her mother and her daughter so I could give reiki to some non-family members and obtain more practice before starting a business. The first half of the session was great and I could tell her soul was pulling in the pure universal energy. I normally give reiki with my eyes closed so I can clear my mind and be a better conduit for the healing energy.

Purple Light

When I touched her feet, I was surprised! With my mind’s eye, I started to see a ballet dancer in shades of violet. I didn’t ever see her face, but I knew it was her soul dancing. As soon as I finished the session, I told her, her mother, and her grandmother what I saw. I didn’t tell anyone at the time, but one of the ballet moves I saw seemed complex and I wondered if this young girl could do that already or if it was a vision of things to come. As if her soul responded to my thought, the girl did a stretch similar to what I saw while we are all talking and it was very clear that she would be flexible enough and graceful enough to do exactly what I saw. The whole exchange made me smile!

Purple Dancers

I proceeded to tell my friend that her daughter would really benefit at the soul level from being in dance lessons. I told her about the affirmation “abundance now” and to use it any time she started worrying about money to help cancel out any blocks to receiving. That what we think about is what we draw to ourselves. Worrying is not helpful, but I instead asked her to visualize what she did want. Months later and a lot of distance channeling to her family, her husband got a much deserved raise and my friend was able to find a more affordable dance studio so their daughter was able to take lessons again!

Purple Dancer

Seeing how reiki helps people has been such a blessing for me to witness. Energy work such as reiki can help all of us become more open to receiving love, revealing our true selves, and help our dreams become a reality. I know God made that client to be a dancer! It takes bravery and courage to stand in your truth. Often people worry about what they will find when they engage in self-exploration. Visualize handing all your worries to God or the angels for transmutation and move forward fearlessly. Know that it is safe for you to explore your unconscious, the hidden self, and the unknown self. Please be open to receiving the divine love constantly pouring down on you and remember to affirm “Abundance now”. Abundance does not necessarily have to refer to material things or money, it could  be life-affirming experiences, love from others, or the information you require for the next step on your journey, among other meanings. For me, “abundance now” means I am open to lovingly and joyously receiving the very best for my highest spiritual path. Our prayers for material things are met, not because those things are important in the spiritual sense, but because your angels want to help ease your worries and clear your mind so you can better focus on your life’s mission. Move forward fearlessly and allow changes to come into your life. Manifest the life of your dreams. Peace be with you!




Original Image Credits: Geralt and Carlos Gomez-Lazaro

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