Express your Creativity and Fill your Love Cup!

Do what you love and make time for it! I heard a news story last night that said adults spend an average of 11 hours on social media. As I thought the number seemed ridiculously high, I figured they must have polled college students or teens on summer break, but they didn’t give those details about how the “research” was conducted. I searched for articles to validate what the local news had said and the figures I found were not as high. Some articles talked about teens spending 9 hours consuming media in general and others stated adults are spending 1-2 hours per day on social media. So I just want to throw this out there, take time to do what you really want to do. Live your passion! I click away on social media too, but I try to put on a timer and sign out when the timer is up. I make an effort to spend my time in other ways that are fulfilling.

Painting at Carlys 6_25_2016
Me… thinking my friend wanted to take my picture, but she made a gif instead!                                                                            gif credit: Casey Atwood

One of my closest friends recently threw a birthday party where we all painted! I was so grateful for the experience. My soul soared and my love cup was overflowing! If you do not know what a love cup is, check out The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Dr. Gary Chapman. I love that book and if you don’t have time to read the book soon, take the love language quiz. I have the link below. For me, the book helped me to understand how to treat others in the way that they would feel the most loved. Also, the book is a great way to evaluate your own needs and know how to get your needs met. Out of the five love languages, Quality Time and Touch are tied for my top spot. This doesn’t just apply to romantic love, but also applies to how we connect with people in general. The activity of painting with my friends fulfilled desire to spend quality time together as we talked while painting and I would say the kinesthetic activity of painting fulfilled my desire for touch.

Eva and Liza - taken by Carly at her 2016 birthday party
Liza and Eva (me) about to get started painting!!!                   Photo Credit: Carly Jo Mellencamp

In hindsight, it makes sense that I would have gone to school for medical massage therapy and also have taken classes for reiki, because living my days spending quality time connecting with people and providing healing touch through different modalities is great for me. It also makes sense to me that taking 20-30 minutes (Quality Time) every morning to dedicate my time on my yoga (Touch) mat to connecting with God would help me feel and share love with God. I know my husband receives loves through Acts of Service. I made brownies for him to take to work last week since cooking is a large component of acts of service for him. When he brought home the empty pan to be washed and the aluminum foil to be recycled, I smiled as I checked out the label one of his co-workers put on the brownies. I smiled because not only was he expressing himself creatively (we love to use our imaginations and have always enjoyed Sci-Fi as do our friends), but also because it was quick. Expressing your creativity can be something as quick as this note. How will you express your love and creativity today?

Free Brownies – half poisoned, half antidote! 🙂


Check out: to take your quiz!


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