What is it like to give reiki?



To answer the question, “What is it like to give reiki?” I would first say it varies from person to person. When I give reiki, normally just the thought that I would like to send Reiki to someone or something switches on the energy pouring through me. The energy is not from me, but is from (pick whichever one or ones suit you best): source, the universe, our Creator, God, the unmanifested. I often feel the energy as if it is water pouring through the palms of my hands. Sometimes, it the energy goes at a gentle flow and sometimes it feels like the recipient is pulling the energy through me like a suction pump or even like a thirsty person gulping water!  The uniqueness of the sensation makes me smile. I like to reference to reiki as spiritual teamwork, because I am working as a channel for the source of the energy, but soul or higher self of the client is pulling in the energy to heal. My presence is to help temporarily increase the client’s energy field to a healing level long enough to release stored trauma, stagnant energy, and energy blocks. I also call it spiritual teamwork because I call on angels for assistance and protection during sessions.

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I have even felt like the energy is coming from my heart center (the fourth chakra), my power center (the third chakra) and the creative expression center (the fifth chakra). I have come to find out after the session when the energy poured through my chakras in addition to my hands and that area or those areas is where the person needed work the most. Not all reiki practitioners sense this, but I believe I do, because of my empathic abilities and clairsentience.

My sister has always been highly visual and before she took reiki level 1, she worried that she would not know the “right” time to move from one treatment spot to another on the client. I assured her that when she took the class she would know in her own way. During her reiki 1 class, when treating a fellow classmate she ended up getting seeing gauges in her mind’s eye that told her when the area was “full” of universal life force. The whole idea made me laugh because I would not have expected that! Of course, we are all unique so be open to whatever you many know, seeing, sense, or hear when giving yourself reiki or when giving reiki to others, now or in the future. If you would like to share your reiki (giving or receiving) story with me, please feel free to message me through the Contact page or share with me on social media!


One of the first times I felt the reiki pour through both my heart center and will power center was directly after sending to a man, let us call him Patrick*. While it was happening, I assumed it meant Patrick was dealing with issues of the heart and will power. I was curious what that meant and prayed for confirmation. After sending to Patrick, I happened to talk to a group of friends that knew Patrick. The group of friends didn’t know I channeled reiki to Patrick and brought him up without me mentioning him at all. They talked about what a sweet man Patrick was, but they were all worried he would burn out since he was constantly volunteering for good causes. If anyone asked Patrick for help, he would help them, but he had very little time for himself. I knew the universe, God, the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it, was answering the question through my friends. Patrick was indeed working on issues pertaining to the power center.

Even something that seems as simple as saying “No” and not giving an explanation can be a lesson that some people grapple with for a long time in their power center. Boundaries can be a tricky subject for some since they can change over time. My family still calls me the “Boundary Queen” because when I was a little kid sometimes, I would jokingly say the phrase “that sounds like a personal problem to me.” As a child and to this day, I also lovingly advise my family on appropriate times to say “no” and talk to them about how situations having just taken place set a precedent of how people are allowed to treat you. Sometimes, it is not a healthy precedence so those are the times I am compelled to share. Well, I could go on and on about boundaries, but that should probably be its own post.

Anyway, since Patrick was dealing with issues in his power center that was why I felt the energy pull through not only my heart center and hands, but through my power center too! Not everyone that learns reiki experiences this sensation, but I am sure I do because I have clairsentience and claircognizance. We briefly talked about the four clairs in my post about Distance Reiki. If you have not hear these terms before check out Doreen Virtue’s article about them by searching for Doreen Virtue + the 4 Clairs. I will include the current link below, but I also wanted to share how to search for it, in case the link below should change over time. We talked about it briefly in another post, but to describe the four clairs briefly, when we came to Earth to learn our lives lessons we were all equipped with a way to “call home” or connect the divine. Which “clair” or clairs are you?


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  1. Jim V says:

    Thank you for the personal Reiki session. It helped.


    1. You’re welcome!!! 🙂


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