Gratitude for Reiki and Moving Forward

As I did my yoga practice this morning, I prayed to God in gratitude. I thought of all the changes doing yoga and meditation daily had brought to my life. I started doing yoga from PBS last August and also from the website I started taking my afternoon breaks at work to do a 10 minute meditation every weekday, when possible. Almost every morning, I do anything from 15 to 30 minutes of yoga. As first, I thought that it was not easy to get up earlier to make time for my yoga morning practice. Occasionally, I would sleep in and then later that day, I would regret my lack of stretching. My body had become use to this self-care practice. On the days that I would like to sleep in, my angels would remind me that I am worth waking up early for, that my self-care is worth making time for.

When I do yoga, I set the intention that my time on the mat be an act of service for God. I say act of service because that is our time to be together every morning. I ask God to fill me with His love and light. I also ask that he help me to share his light and love with others throughout my day. I have seen such positive changes in myself and others in my life. When I hear of friends, family, or anyone having a difficult time, I pray that God send all the angels in heaven to surround them filling that person and that situation with love and light. I also love to send Reiki to my friends and family on a weekly basis.

At the beginning of the year 2016, had a friend tell me that this year is the year of completion and next year is the beginning of a new spiritual growth cycle. I asked what she meant by this. She told me that 2016 when broken down to 2+0+1+6 equals nine and that is a year of completion. I don’t know much about numerology, but she said the last time we were all at at a completion year was 2007. I thought about that time of my life and it was a time of completion and change! I smiled that the Holy Spirit reaches out to everyone through whatever means available. I listened and she said something like “now is time to complete spiritual lessons. Think of challenges and how to complete them. Ask yourself, ‘Are there any challenges from 2007 that I am still struggling with?'” My thought was “Yes, of course.” I knew her conversation with me was yet another  sign that it was a time of forgiveness and to truly release the past.

God had been preparing me in small steps to forgive. I married my husband Nathan in May of 2015 and before doing that I had gone to healers about releasing the past. I didn’t consciously know that I was going about releasing the past. I had consciously set up and appointment to go to a healer that I had heard about in regards to healing my elbow injury. Another woman had told me that this healer worked with angels for the deepest healing available. I had originally heard about this healer in 2013, but I had put it off and later, the thought of this healer would pop into my mind periodically. I now realize that when this though would pop into my head that it was the holy spirit telling me how to answer my prayers. After my first appointment, my sister jokingly asked me if my elbow was healed. I told her it didn’t seem like anything with my elbow had changed yet but I completely forgot to mention it to the healer as a goal for the session. The session was so amazing though, I had to go back. The session I experienced was Reiki. Reiki has really helped me to release the past and welcome the new.

In July 2015, I took the level of reiki. Before even leaving the class, I made sure the Reiki Master/Teacher I took the class from had put me on the list for her level two class. I knew this was not only the answer to my prayers, but also my calling. I took to reiki like a fish in water. When I was in massage school, I saw advertising for a Reiki classes. I wish I would have taken them then in 2007 (the last year of completion!), but I was worried that I would not been able to afford the classes since I was a full time student and only working part-time. Clearly, God helped me work through this worry about lack. I know that God will provide what I require for my life’s mission if I can keep fear out of His way. God is love and the source of all. If I start to worry, the angels guided me to say “Abundance now!” Saying this helps me from mentally blocking God. God respects our free will and when we have a thought of how to fix something that this often divine guidance coming through. How many times have you had a thought or have a friend give you and suggestion and you think “that will never work”? I know I have done it and what we don’t realize is that we are telling God, I will not allow you to help me through that channel, find another way. I work on reprogramming my subconscious mind by using positive affirmations such as “Abundance now” and “I am open to change. I am open to receiving divine guidance from angels and through the people God sends to me. I easily distinguish the best course of action for my highest spiritual growth.”

Are there challenges in your life begging for completion? Please take this opportunity to reflect. If any issues of worry or thinking “it’s not possible” arise, stop those thoughts by affirming, “Abundance now! I have a God a miracles and I know help will come to me through expected and unexpected ways. I welcome the help sent and remain open to God working through me and those around me.” Peace be with you.

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