Welcome and Blessings to you all!

Are you striving for more peace throughout your day? This site is to share and connect about thriving in life. Life is pretty great for me now, but it was not always so. I am still learning and growing. I want to share stories of successes and some of the challenges along the way as to help you thrive too! A big part of the peace I have been living in is from learning and giving reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique. I have been healing past trauma in myself and others. Healing others and myself has been so rewarding so I want to share it with other people! Stay tuned as I add more!

Most of the posts will be written by me, Eva Borho, owner of Ascension Holistic Healing. I have a Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Cincinnati as well as a bachelor’s degree. I also have an Associates in Science for Medical Massage Therapy. My massage therapy education has given me a fantastic foundation for learning reiki, but that background is not needed to get into reiki. Anyone can learn reiki and I want to teach as many people as possible about reiki so you can treat yourself and become the most authentic, love and light filled version of yourself. I love giving reiki, but I can’t be with every person on Earth 24/7 so I want to teach it to as many people as possible.

My communication background helps me to express my passion and clearly teach about reiki. When a person wants to learn reiki, they start with level 1 where you learn about treating yourself. After learning level 1, you can also treat other people during in-person sessions. You may say “why did she say ‘in-person sessions’?” Well, that is because when you learn level 2, you can conduct distance healing so the person you are treating does not have to even be in the same room as you!!! How cool is that?!  With level 2 distance healing, you can send reiki to any time, any place, and any situation or event, past – present – or future! — ACROSS TIME AND SPACE —- I could go on and on, but to keep it short: Level 3 is becoming a reiki master and Level 4 is becoming a reiki teacher!

Not only do I love reiki, but I love learning about spirituality in general. Over time, I have been blown away from some of the messages I have received for others and myself from our Creator, angels, and Jesus. I want to share so many stories, but I will stop here and save more for another post. Keep coming back to the website as I add more! Peace and many blessings to you all!

-Eva Borho, Owner of Ascension Holistic Healing


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