Being True to Yourself and Moving through Judgment

Are you being true to yourself? Can you release the emotional attachment to judgements that pop in your head? Check out some of Eva’s Borho experience with these topics.

What is it like to give reiki?

The sensation of giving reiki varies from practitioner to practitioner. Read about a couple of Eva Borho’s experiences of channeling reiki.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki is learned when a Reiki practitioner takes the level two class. I always smile when I think about distance reiki. Since distance reiki can be sent to any time, any place, any situation, any person, any event, and anything else you can think of – our imagination is the only limit! Everyone can…

A few moments of Zen

Here is a short video I took in while hiking in Tennessee July 9, 2016. I am so grateful for the untamed beauty of nature! Listen to the sounds of the water! Also, check out our YouTube Channel! See this video by clicking here.

Gratitude for Reiki and Moving Forward

As I did my yoga practice this morning, I prayed to God in gratitude. I thought of all the changes doing yoga and meditation daily had brought to my life. I started doing yoga from PBS last August and also from the website I started taking my afternoon breaks at work to do a 10 minute…

Welcome and Blessings to you all!

Are you striving for more peace throughout your day? This site is to share and connect about thriving in life. Life is pretty great for me now, but it was not always so. I am still learning and growing. I want to share stories of successes and some of the challenges along the way as…